Understanding your mission
providing your solutions


Providing Unique Solutions for Specialist Customers

We are a British manufacturing company who have worked with the emergency services sector for over 30 years. We are uniquely placed to provide top-to-toe solutions for a variety of specialisations, having full control over our manufacturing process and access to a range of expertise.

As well as our specialised ranges we also offer a bespoke customisation service, allowing for either existing garments from our range to be altered or for an entirely new garment to be created to meet your unique needs.

Innovation, Quality, Technology

We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to design and continue to push the boundaries by developing and applying the latest technologies and techniques to our designs.

With our own in-house research, testing and development department we are ideally placed to work with the end user to understand their requirements and, using our expert knowledge of garment design and performance, to then create high-performing clothing suitable for every environment.

Our Aim

To deliver innovative protection solutions that provide;
• Specialised designs for full mobility.
• Technical, performance driven fabric which delivers both protection and comfort.
• Low weight and pack size.
• Integration with other operational equipment.
• Kit tested in the field and in our laboratory.